09 January 2009

little people.

This is my new favorite from etsy. I mean can you say, 'total nostalgia'? I swear, hear and now, in front of witnesses, that when or if we move...I am getting this print, as big as 'Studio Mela' can make it, and hanging it, like, in my living room, so I can look at it, and smile. Everyday. Every, bloody, day.

In the mean time, I may get this for the girls' room. It just screams, Betsy & Rosie. Because if they could make their own choices concerning art for their walls, I am certain, without a doubt, that this would be something that they would pick.

I'd bet my life on it.



  1. i had to laugh at your comment on my blog. yes, starbucks and target do make a perfect day don't they??


  2. I'm leaving a thought because I am a fantastic person... I'm just saying' you could have given me credit for finding those awesome prints. And, said something about how cool I am for finding them...


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