09 January 2009

the cutest, ugliest pants you've ever seen.

the pants
I have lusted over these fancy, dancin' pants
for months now.
But, as always, I am cheap and refused,
to pay $79.50, or anywhere close, for them.
Enter, the J.Crew sale.
Now, I am starting to get excited.
Super-duper excited.
Who knew that puke yellow pants
could produce so many versatile looks?
I surely didn't.
still more yellow pants
more yellow pants
yellow pants
i am posting this today
because there is absolutely
nothing going on here.
and it's nice.
real nice.
so long, suckas.


  1. But they are still puke yellow!

  2. I for one have had my eye on said pants as well. However, my arse is way to big to wear such a color. So, I'm a bit jealous that my sister will have them on her long legged self in no time at all!!


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