07 December 2008


My witty bother-in-law, Brent, forgot to RSVP to his swanky-work-Christmas party at Windows Off Washington. It was last night. My sister was really wanting to primp herself up and get to indulge in wearing clothes of the non-mommy variety.

I feel for her. Jill already had their sitter lined up and everything.

Anywho, no proper RSVP to a ritzy party means they were available to chow on pizza at Dewey's with the Grebes. Yea! I am certain that was much more fun.
there was a girl pizza (feta, goat cheese, spinach, olive oil, etc.) supper yum!
and a boy pizza ( 1/2 meatball, 1/2 lots o'meat) can you say heart attack?

Awwww! Weez cute.

a train stopped at the depot in downtown Kirkwood.
there was a lovely group of friendly ladies getting off of the train,
who just got back from Kansas City for shopping on the plaza.
that gives me and idea...

things wrapped up at pj's tavern for turtle brownies a la mode,
and a nightcap.

good food + good friends = good times

ps thanks, Brent!
we are glad you
forgot to RSVP!

I'm out!

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