06 December 2008

Shoes & other noteworthy things.

got st.nick?
We used shoes this year. Traditional? Yes. But we are normally stocking folk. The boys insisted on the shoes. It was cute, even though, the 'big guy' couldn't really fit anything in them. I also got that adorable little birdie for the tree ($3, yea!), and now want another one. She just looks so cute, but lonely. Don't ya' think? Also, I took a couple of cute shots last night that I thought I would share.

Good gracious, I LOVE my new camera!

ps Goin' out tonight with Jill and Brent.
Dewey's Pizza and Bar Louie.
Maybe I'll get some funny, inspirational shots...

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  1. Rosie, when will you actually GO on the potty? we are all waiting.


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