01 December 2008

Not inspired.

today is an uninspiring day.
went to borders with my sister.
rosie & i split an apple tart.
so good.
jill got vanity fair to drool over the 'twilight' cast.
thinking she's a bit of a cougar.
to be fair, they are all pretty delectable.
and she bought 'pride & prejudice'.
that should freshen up the brain cells after the 'vanity fair' fix.
which, by the way, has a RACY photo spread with Kate Winslet.
love Kate Winslet.
her butt-crack, not so much.
admitting she looks fabulous.
also, talked to mrs. lewis about weening.
not going so good.
baby is doing super.
mom could be doing better.
i think it's time to wrap those suckers up.
can you say "ace bandage"?

ps hope your day is more exciting than mine!

Well, I'm off like a prom dress!

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