30 November 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Thanksgiving was lovely! We have so much to be thankful for...
warm home.
I could keep going, that is how bountiful our lives are.

The weekend continued on in an equally lovely fashion. Black Friday began with my sister at the side of my bed, at 4:45 am, I might add, "Beth, Beth? Are you still going with me?" Holy cannoli!

(Jake forgot to lock the door.)

"Uh, yah, superfly, I'm still going!

The day yielded many fruits. Normally, $52 coats from Gymboree for the kids; $7. Memory cards, Barbies, and movies from Wal-mart; $7, $5, and $2. Jeans for Jake from Old Navy; $14.

I also had brunch with the girls on Friday @ Russell's, we had dinner with Jake's old college friend, and games and snacks with friends Friday night. Jakey spent the night with his grandparents' Saturday and made an awesome gingerbread house. (see above)

I finished most of the Christmas decorations inside. Snow and sleet will delay the outside decor until next weekend. I actually have the spirit this year. That is highly unusual.

And my daddy's 59th birthday was today.

It was a great weekend.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Just think, one more year and you'll be 60. Then you will officially be 'old', which is good for you, because everyone loves a cute, little, crabby, old man. You know, the kind that doesn't move their cart out of the way in the aisle at the grocery store, or the kind that chases kids out of their yards with a rake or broom. Like that. Aren't you excited?

ps more super fab grosgrain giveaways (see links below)
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I have to have the camera strap for my new girl! It is too delicious for words!

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