02 December 2008

Endings are really just beginnings.

An era ended yesterday. My husband sold his 1969 Camaro. He bought it when he was a teenager. It was a rust heap, and he painstakingly brought it back to life with the help of his dad. He has had it a long time, and it was a central fixture in our courtship. Unfortunately, he rarely drove it anymore. I can't say why. It just seems that while it was sleeping in the garage, life happened; marriage, babies, kids, saving for the future. Jake is so selfless. He made a mint so that our family could one day have a bit more space and maybe a main floor laundry room. I am more emotional than I thought I would be. We had good times surrounding that car(sometimes, in the car ;) , uh, cruising, people, get your minds out of the gutter). But, in the end, it is just an object.

What makes it bittersweet is this...
The guy who bought the car has always admired it. He is Jake's folk's neighbor. He had a Camaro, and sold his years ago, well, because life happened to him, also. Now, with his kids grown and gone, he will get to hit the highway with his lovely wife, and put the pedal to the medal. Did I mention how fast it is?

Life comes full-circle.

And, I am certain, that one day, Jake will have another '69 Camaro. Maybe it will be one that he restores with his sons, and new memories will be made.
Bye, old girl, we'll miss you!

Finally, I am going to spout off today about the UAW bailout. I generally think that bailouts stink and are stupid, and the government should keep their noses out of such matters. That being said, if they (the gov't) are going to write checks to corporate haunchos, why not unionized auto workers? Now, I know what I am about to say will peeve some people off, but this is MY blog, after all. Over the past several months I have spotted many bumper stickers regarding the recent election. However, the one that comes to mind, in light of recent events, is "UAW for Obama". Can you say "conundrum" or "oxy-moronic"? The democrats, Pelosi and Obama, to name just a few, are exactly why many auto-workers may not be getting their union pensions or why some may need to seek other employment. I know many blue-collar workers that are in various unions, and I always urge them to vote for who they truly feel will do the best job, not just the candidate that their union endorses with THEIR dues. It reminds me of high-school peer pressure. Come on, everybody's doin' it! To all of those UAW guys and gals who voted for who the union reps told them to...

"Congratulations, you just voted yourself out of a job!"

Later gators!

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