20 December 2008

Laugh. Cry.


a little background. I am intrigued with the Mormon faith. Most of my family and friends already know this. I can't say why, exactly. I just am. If you know anything about people of the Mormon persuasion, you know that, generally speaking, they marry young, and, contrary to poplular non-LDS (Latter Day Saints) peeps' belief, they take only ONE wife/husband. I think it is wonderful. That being said...

If you want pee-your-pants from laughter...I highly suggest clicking here.

this is worth your time, too. Maybe I'm just sick and twisted, (I don't really think there's any 'maybe' about it) but this made me bust my gut, too.


holy cow, read this, and then thank God for everything you have been blessed with, including, but not limited to, simply, waking up today.
Auf Wiedersehen

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