19 December 2008


It's over!
The pressure building up to the last day of school before winter break is tremendous. I think it could rival that of Mount Vesuvius circa 79 AD. (You all didn't know I was that smart, did 'ya?) I take on a lot, because I love the pressure. I love the build-up, the anticipation. I don't even think that I took casualities this year. Although, I may have to verify that one with Big Jake.

The boxes turned out nice; cupcakes, vanilla meringue puffs, icy-blue mint meringue puffs, milk chocolate fudge, and a handmade monogram ornament.

I am Pete's room-mother, and I have to say that I think the party was a raging success. Even better than Halloween. I don't know what I am going to do for Valentine's Day to top it. Any suggestions? It was nice to just relax at Jake's party; bingo, coloring, snacks, "hot" snowball.

Ahhhh, elementary school. It takes you back, doesn't it?

Good tidings of cheer!

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