20 December 2008

Hit me with your best 'SCHOTT'!

Tonight, we ordered Schottzie's carry-out for dinner. It is dirty, loud, smokey, and generally, just a dive. But, hot damn, they have some good food!Lately, I am preoccupied with the size of my rear, which, is highly unusual for me. I normally don't care what my arse looks like, or any other part of me, for that matter. But, tonight I must not have cared too much about adding another dimple to my already riddled cheeks (did you just throw-up in your mouth a little?). Because, not only did I eat an entire pound of mustard wings (to taste them is to love them), I ate the girls' leftover fried clams with tartar sauce (or was it tartar sauce with a little clams?), the boys' leftover mini-tacos, AND a house salad. A salad? Well, that's healthy, right? Uh, not with homemade CREAMY garlic-parmasean dressing! All I can say is, I guess my new perscription must be working, because there are lots of things that I have ceased obsessing about. The enormity of my a** is just one of them...

Is that cake I smell?

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  1. That food makes the spot where my gallbladder used to be cringe!!! Looks pretty dam good!


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