14 December 2008

different. simple.

I am sick of red bows, so, I changed the outside decorations today. Simple bows, made out of an old torn sheet. Cotton batting in the window boxes, and snowball ornaments. At night, it's going to look super with the spotlight on it. Total cost of transformation is $6.

I think it reflects what's going on inside better, too. We still have our vintage light-up Santa that was left in the garage rafters when we bought the house. But, aside from that, simple and a little bit different. And mama likes that. :) And, that, officially concludes my fussing with Christmas decor. No one, but me, really cares anyway. I also decided to finally let the kids put ornaments on the tree. This was a mistake, because Betsy and Rosie cannot keep their greasy mitts off of them. Oh well, it's a seasonal hazard.
...after while, crocodile.

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