14 December 2008

teacher gift?

Having previously worked in schools, being a speech/language therapist, I know, all to well, the horrors of the giving and receiving of the dreaded "teacher gifts" during the holidays. People always have the best of intentions (or they are just tired of shopping by the time they get to the teachers on their list, and they just don't care), but sometimes I wished that the few dollars that was spent be given to a charity or used to buy Swedish Fish. I heart Swedish Fish. What I'm getting at is that the above gift is not only easy on the eyes, it is affordable (the notebook is from Wal-Mart for cryin' out loud), and useful, and partly handmade (which is kinda personal), and just darn great. I saw this on whatever, and that crazy Kansan, Meg, is at it again. Check out the whole post here because the letter crayons and magnets are just as cute, just as personal/handmade, and just as affordable.

fyi I'm planning on baking vanilla cupcakes with fluffy icing and adding a handmade initial ornament to the tied bow on top of the pretty Martha Stewart cupcake boxes I got. Total cost of ornament project for 12 teachers/therapists $3.75, and cupcake boxes (used a coupon on top of a sale at Macy's) and ingrediants will run me about $12. I will post pictures at the end of the week. Yea!

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