13 December 2008

Congratulations, Tony!

Last night Mr. Tony graduated from college. He is the first in his immediate family to do so (third out of 17 cousins, so far). It is a huge accomplishment for him, owning his own home and having to work multiple jobs, at times, to make it through. It was a lesson in self-reliance, and will power. Lessons that, I am certain, will be more valuable to him than college algebra.

Our hats are off to you, Tone! You're super-duper!
Tony's mama, Aunt Mo-mo, so proud!

"I'm seein' double. We got trouble!"
Mama Mel, my cousin and Tony's sister,
and Aunt Mo-mo
were sportin' the same festive purse.


Jill Ree and I were wearin' the same color kicks!
Mustard gold for Fontbonne University!
We both graduated from there, too!

After the ceremony,
Jilly and I gorged on chocolate-raspberry
cake from Whole Foods.

Finished off with our own
Baily's, coffee, and whipped cream concoction.
Double yummy!

ps did i mention that
the big man on campus
also graduated with a 3.71.
wowza! what a guy!

Peace out!

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