23 November 2008

USDA Prime

We had a great weekend! I think it is because my family is so wicked awesome. All we did was..

sing to the Birthday Boy (we celebrated Sam's 6th birthday at his house Saturday), <<<

eat chocolatey good cake (nice choice, Sam),>>>

spend time with my divine daddy (home from Fort Bragg for a week, HOORAY!), <<<

enjoy fine head gear (if only that fedora had a featha' in it),>>>

<<< take a power-nap (thanks, Jake, I needed that),

and BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE (gotta love a Rody)!>>>

I also saw 'Twilight' with my sister, she kept Pete overnight on Saturday, AND her, her groom, and their off-spring, took both of the boys to see 'Bolt' on Sunday afternoon. Score! Now, I ask you, does that not a sha-weet family make?

ps I would like to apologize to God for not making it to church for the past FOUR Sundays! Am I the only one that this happens to periodically, the-Sunday-worship-slump? There is no real excuse (none that would matter anyway), but I made it back today. Just lil' Jake and I went, and it was lovely. Why do I ditch, when I feel so good when I go? Stupid, stupid, stupid...

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