21 November 2008


It's gettin' all kinds of crazy up in here! In about 28.5 hours, I will be watching 'Twilight' wtih my fabulous date, Jill (my sister). If any of you have a secret obsession, share it with her. Chances are, she'll love it, too, because she is just as crazy nuts, as I am!

All of the sudden, I can't get Rosemary & Betty Clooney's sweet voices out of my head...

Sisters, sisters,
There were never such devoted sisters.
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir.
I'm there to keep an eye on her.
Caring, sharing,
Every little thing that we are wearing...

Have a super fab weekend!
ps If you're not going to see 'Twilight', I bet mine will be better!
pps Congrats are in order to my cousin Andrew & his wife
on the birth of their first kiddo, Vincent (super
great name, it's my daddy's & G-pa's name, too),
and Mrs. K, who landed a job in no time. And my cousin
Emily, who has already been released
to go back to work after breaking her back, YIKES!
(Ahh, how the young & fabulous heal sooo quickly.)
The heavens have been smiling
down on all of you.

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