20 November 2008

It's a Happy Haircut sorta day!

My mom & I got our haircut this morning. Miss Deb is a master of the blade. Lil' Ro went with us too, and liked watching the traffic whiz by (kinda like a dog, huh?). She only wishes she had enough hair to cut. Maybe when she's, like, 13 or something?

I also cut Betsy's hair the other day, all on my very own. I think I did a nice job. I actually cut a ton off, and even stacked it in the back. Go ME!

ps About 20 minutes after I left Salon Fusion, I got a call on my cell. It went like this...

Debbie: Beth, did you leave the check you wrote me?
Me: Um, I don't know, let me check...
Yeah, I sure DID NOT! It is still in my checkbook, all written out.
Debbie: Okay, I was just making sure I wasn't crazy. Just drop it by whenever you get a chance, no biggie!

Thanks, Debbie, you're a peach!

Happy Haircut!

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