03 November 2008


This is my cousin Tony. I think he should run for President. Here's why:

-he is tall (like 6'4" or something)

-he is young (25)

-he is easy on the eyes

-he is a sharp dresser (less the Jack Daniel's shirt)

-he is Betsy's Godfather

-he is a hard worker (he has two jobs, and goes to school
full-time, AND owns his own home)

-he would give free health care to anyone who could prove they actually had a job, or prove without a reasonable doubt they could not work (and in most cases, mental illness, does not qualify for a reason...I mean, come on, we are all crazy, people)

-he would probably go without gas in his car to put it in yours (if he liked you and you actually had a job)

-he does not tolerate stupidity or ignorance (he wouldn't give terrorists the time of day, OR people who didn't have a job for no good reason)

-he does not think that you should be able to use EBT cards at stores like Payless or Tan Co., or on food like, shrimp and lobster (many people who WORK cannot even afford shrimp and lobster)...(Does anyone see a theme here?)

-he certainly would not give individuals MORE money in the their welfare check for each child they had, and would probably go to these houses personally, and teach them how to PREVENT pregnancy (after all, it is easier to NOT get pregnant than it is TO get pregnant)

and finally,

-he would pick me for vice-president (I know he would)


Also, if you are a single young lady, and need Mr. Anthony's contact info., just let me know!

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