05 November 2008

OPTIMISM (or, at least, my version of it)

People who know me would probably assume that I am in mourning today. After all, Obama-rama has swept the nation, and he has clinched the election. But I am choosing to look at it through rose colored glasses. The most liberal of all senators who has absolutely no executive or military experience is certainly not who I would have chosen to fill the highest office in the land, however, the decision did not rest on my shoulders alone. In essence, what happened yesterday is exactly what I love about this country, freedom and democracy in action. I could argue with a dem all day and night about why I think Senator Obama is going to make a lousy president, and I can guarantee two years from now the people who will be most disappointed with his presidency are going to be those that voted for him. However, the people have spoken and democracy was demonstrated in a way that, agree or disagree, one cannot be awed by. Charisma is a powerful thing, not always good, but powerful, nonetheless. My hope for the country's future is still in tact (barely). Obama may surprise me (I seriously doubt it), and I certainly hope he does. In fact, I will be praying that he does through God's good grace. I am not holding my breath for a JFK or FDR, but I don't think the next four years will kill me. Now eight years...

p.s. I am not bitter, or anything :)

On a much more uplifting note...my mother, the eternal pessimist, voted for the first time in her life yesterday. Rose is 54, and it is about damn time! Unfortunately, the results may have solidified her pessimistic view of the world. Here's to fulfilling her civic duty!

In other news, Jake and I had a fabulous, much needed party without the kiddos. It was called the "Fall Ball", which some took quite literally. Who says you can't ever wear a bridesmaid dress again?
mr. & mrs. king with mrs. lewis (right)

me & mrs. lewis

me & my sister, jilly (center) with our beautiful cousins, michelle & tony
*michelle, tony, and I are all about 5' 10" and up, what the h-e-double hockey sticks went wrong for jill, and yes she is my OLDER sister

Word to ya' mutha!

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