21 October 2008

Just a few tidbits...

1. We're famous! Well, sort of. See why here and here and here.

2. Welcome to Holland by Emily Pearl Kingsley-This is the best essay ever! Read it here. I have never read anything that rivals it in explaining the experience of having a differentlyabled child.

3. This is Rosie & her infamous "B".
You can get many kinds here, Rosie prefers the puppy.
And, after losing 2, they finally
make a three pack, "A Pair and a Spare".
Does/did your child have/had a security item?
Tell me about it in the comment area below.

4. After much deliberation, we are going to have a karate master, Batman, a friendly little skeleton, and a peacock in the house on Halloween. What tricks or treats will be in your dwelling this year?

5. Tonight is Jakey's fall music program at the high school. I hope he does his best and sings LOUD!

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  1. Security object? I don't have to tell you about that thing you're smellin' in Kate's room... it ain't anything dead, but it sure smells like it! Oh, and the poor van if it gets left inside in the summer!!


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