22 October 2008


I am not usually this careless. The other day, I put the girls down for their nap after lunch, just like everyday. I went into the family room carrying a basket full of laundry, ready to hang out with Petey. I put the monitor on the end table, like always, folded the laundry, watched PBS with my boy, and played a couple of games of Go-Fish. Next, I started my afternoon routine of picking up around the house, figuring out what to make for dinner, etc. I suddenly heard
knocking on a door from down the hall. It was coming from the girls' room. Then, I noticed what time it was, much too late for them to still be napping. I panicked, why hadn't the monitor done its thing? Uh, maybe because it was out of freakin' batteries!!!!!!

How stupid am I?

So, anyway, this is what happens when you don't know that you're children are up from their nap and left to their own
devices because their mother is a complete moron, who doesn't check batteries. I know it's shocking! Please try not to judge me! Just let this be your friendly reminder to check batteries on all electronic devices that may have catastrophic consequences if gone unattended to; your camera on your son's graduation day, your grandpa's pacemaker, AND the baby monitor.


  1. Don't worry the girls are just learning teamwork! I seem to recall their Father doing the same thing. Just wait until Sluggo packs Kingfish's suit case so he can runaway. Ask Big Jake about that one.

  2. hi beth.
    i found you through my stats.
    how lovely to meet you here. :)

    i know all about the sneaky kids up from their naps. they can get in to big messes in such a short time.

    that pink martha stewart cake was awesome.
    who cares how it tasted!
    how it looks is the important thing when they are little. they only eat the frosting anyway.


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