20 October 2008

Crazy Aunt Mo-Mo, and breastfeeding?

I saw a newborn in church yesterday, who looked like she had been born the day before that, and it got me thinking of my own lil' guys and gals when they were that age. It seems so long ago; the helpless cry, the wrinkled skin, the sleepless nights, their smell. I was also thinking about my most favorite thing about them at that age, breastfeeding. I know it sounds crazy, so, let me explain.

Crazy Aunt Mo (2006)

To do this properly, I need to tell you about my Aunt Mo-Mo. She is my mom's sister, and the mother of three children, now grown. She has often been caught saying things like, "Oooo, I could be a wet nurse" or "Nothing beats breastfeeding. I miss it so much." or "Hand that baby over here, I'll feed her/him."! Many of you may think this kind of talk is ghastly or disgusting, but she does it all in good fun. Most of the things she says are all in good fun. Honestly, up until now, I've never given it much thought past the giggle these comments evoked. But now that I am done with that chapter of my life, I understand what she means.

Now, I know this topic is taboo for most of you, but I am proud to say I nursed all of my children. It is a closeness that cannot be equaled. It is an empowerment of sorts, to know that you alone are nourishing your babe with the most perfect food ever produced. It is an act that time and progression have seemed to ignore. It is primal and pure, and sadly, fleeting. It is a connection and bond to your child that not one person or thing can duplicate. Their hand resting on your chest, innocent eyes looking up at your face, and you knowing that their need for your body didn't end when the cord was cut. An act that isn't about you or them, but of you AND them, together. Ahhh, that is why it is the one thing I miss most about my sweets when they were infants.

So, Aunt Mo, you can add me to the ranks of breastfeeding nostalgics the world over. Of which, I think you should be the president. *

*Please keep in mind people, this was tongue in cheek. I do not condemn those who do not choose to breastfeed nor do I condone nursing children large enough to ASK for breast milk for their birthdays or Christmas, as seen here.

That's a whole new topic, for a whole new day...

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  1. Oh, breastfeeding and I had a love/hate relationship. But I'm so glad a stuck it out!


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