01 August 2011


Hello.  No I have not skipped town.  No I have not headed for the border.  No I have not been laying on a beach somewhere {I wish}.  I've just been getting these kids ready for school, and have been busy with photos.  Hopefully, when they return to school I will achieve some sort of balance. I know that sounds sad, but school equals a calm normalcy around here.  Then, come Christmastime, I will be whining that I feel like I never get good moments with the littles between school hours, sports, and social calendars.

But, enough about my silly life.

Recently, I was contacted by my bloggy friend Katie from 'Where is Thumbkin Pottery'.  She is on quite a mission.  She wants to raise money to fund adoptions of children with mental and physical disabilities from countries that treat these children much differently than we do in this part of the world.  It is shocking, and sad, and really hurts my heart to imagine.  I thought the best way to share with you Katie's passion is to share a bit of one of her emails to me...

This subject is such a killer for me -- all of those children in such terrible situations.  I think about it every single day, and wish there was a way we could adopt now.  I am hoping that in a year or two, those doors will be open for us, but for right now, all I can do is pour out my guts to people and advocate for them.  Nicholas {a child currently in an orphanage with downs syndrome} will be having a birthday next month, and while I don't know his exact status, it could definitely mean a transfer to a mental institution.  Children disappear from Reece's Rainbow all the time, and I fear that he will be the next one to become "unadoptable."  There are children in certain regions who are still available after a transfer, but they tend to decline quickly.  The difference between baby houses and institutions are pretty clear.  Conditions are bad at the baby houses in many areas, but the institutions are far worse in general.  Sure, there are some places that are better than others, but for the most part, being an orphan with special needs in Eastern Europe is pretty much hell.  The last few posts in my blog talk about it in more detail.  It is just so SAD.

So for some reason, I feel compelled (in a OCD sort of way, almost...lol) to advocate for one special little boy, Nicholas.  Maybe because he reminds me of Ben, or maybe it's the cut on his lip, or 70's style collar.  Most of all it's his expression.  It might look blank to some at first glance, but there is so much more there.  Tears my heart out.  So I have been his "5/5/5 Warrior" this summer, and my goal was to raise $5000 for his adoption grant through Reece's Rainbow.  Man, it's not easy!  Right now I have raised I asked for donations through FB, twitter, homeschooling groups, had a huge yard sale, and another one coming up, promoted my Kindle giveaway, my etsy shop (100% go to him right now), and just created a new one just for him called Saving Nicholas.  I just set it up last night, so there is hardly anything in there yet.  I wish I could have set up more local fundraisers that would have brought in more, like a spaghetti dinner or auction, etc, but I was not organized enough and time ran out.

I have only a few days left until the 5/5/5 Warrior event ends (7/31), and I would love for it to go out with, if not a bang, then maybe a little pop.  I will still be raising money for Nicholas past the end of the program, and probably will be until he either disappears (the money would then go to another child's grant) or until he is safely adopted.  But raising as much as I can for the 5/5/5 goal before it is over would be a great thing.  But #1 for me is getting his face out there.  It is so important that as many people as possible see him, especially prospective adoptive families.  You can use any of my posts, there is a video there that you can use...If people would like to donate directly to him instead of to the link on my sidebar, they can go to his page here and click on the donate button:  http://reecesrainbow.org/nicholas-25ha

I tend to be long-winded -- sorry about that!  Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, anything.  Oh, and if you know of anyone thinking about adoption, direct them to Reece's Rainbow and perhaps Nicholas will be found.  :)
Thanks so much, Beth!


I know that time is up for Katie's 5/5/5 goal, but you can still help!  This is a seemingly never ending crusade.  I will leave you with a video from the Today show.  It is difficult to watch.

Will you help?


  1. WOW, that is disturbing! I have 2 boys, and cant imagine doing that to them, whether they were disabled or not! Thanks for posting this..we all need to make others aware of these happenings. I have already posted this to my facebook.

  2. Beth! Thank you SO MUCH for posting about Nicholas and Reece's Rainbow. I can't thank you enough. Every time his picture is posted and shared gives me hope that his family is out there somewhere, and that one day, someone will finally see his face and say, "HIM. He is our son."


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