21 July 2011


If I was blogging only for my close friends and family, I'd have a million stupid, what-can-seem-mundane stories to tell and photos to show.  I choose not to bore too many of you, and for that, I haven't posted any good meat, lately.  I apologize.

I've been too busy with it being summer to even think of note worthy things to write about.  Sometimes, I like being too busy doing nothing.  You know what I mean?

I am happy to report some good things have been happening in Betsy's life, and we will be getting her a 'big kid' stroller very soon.  This is something we've wanted for ages, but they are VERY pricey.

I am over-the-moon excited.  We are going on a trip to Chi-town over Labor Day Weekend, and I think it will be invaluable to everyone's experience.  She gets tired fast.

So, in a nutshell...we've been sick-busy doing nothing, but the pool, golf, baseball, summer school for Bets, and being hot.  Oh, and eating a ton of sno-cones {thank goodness they finally got some more pomegranate flavor...I was almost ready  to go postal}.

I do have a post coming up about a touchy subject for myself...the current state in some countries of how they manage/deal/view children with special needs, and the difficulty associated in adopting them.  Sad stuff.  Get your tissues ready...

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