23 June 2011

The new abode: living space.

It's been awhile since I've updated you all on the house.  I've had a couple of inquiries.  The photos are a bit grainy as the light was fading away.  Hence, there aren't any good ones of the kitchen family room because the light was really undesireable back there.  I was going to work on finishing up some things in the boys' rooms and snap some photos in there in the upcoming weeks.  If only I could find my mojo.

This is pretty much the view to the left when you step in the front doors.  You can see part of the kitchen and family room in the rear past the dining room.  If you remember, we took a wall out between the kitchen and dining room.  We love the openness.  It is great for when we have parties, which is pretty often.  It's also thrilling to me that we can fit 8 chairs around the table, now.  It's the small things.

That family photo of us on the upper left of the shelves was the inspiration for the colors, etc. in the new house.  I think it's getting there.   I always thinks it takes a good couple of years for a house to be 'done'.  Decorating takes layers, layers take time.  One of my favorite layers is Chopper.  Ha!

This is the view into the living room when you're standing in the entryway near the master bedroom doorway. Not that exciting, but a different perspective.

Basically, the full-on, opposite direction.  You can see into our bedroom if you look close.

This was taken standing near the yellow chair on the side of the fireplace.  The buffet in the dining room is one of the few things I bought new when we bought this house.  I lurv it!  I got it at TJ Maxx of all places.  It reminds me of something from Anthropologie.  It was waaaaaaaaay cheaper than anything you could pick up there.  I think it was $199.  I debated for at least an hour over it.  When I finally decided to buy it, it didn't fit in the back of my mom's CRV.  You should have seen us in the parking lot.  It was a circus, for sure.  Jake had to come and pick it up with the truck.  Pi$$ poor planning, pi$$ poor performance, as my dad would say.

I was standing in the kitchen with this one.  Again, not too riveting, just a different view.

Like I said, I will add more.  I like to satisfy all of the noisy people.  Only because I am one of them, and I always appreciate a good house tour!  So, enjoy...


  1. Love the BIG FAT legs on your dining table! I think I really am going to paint that damned chandelier now....

  2. Looks Great! Love the Chandelier!

  3. Love it! So colorful and inviting.

  4. It's so super-adorable. I'm still trying to figure out where you got that hanging-mail-holder-thingy...?

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  6. VERY nice looking house! Just starting to read your blog, so haven't gotten to far into it yet, but how long did it take to get the house set up the way it is? Did you just move in, or just redoing it? (Ok, I know, go read the rest of the blog!! I am I am!!) ;)


  7. the house is excellent, of course. but i really LOVE chopper on the couch!

  8. I love it!! I love all the fun bright colors. You have inspired me to re do some of the rooms in my house - not joking!! i started reading your blog like 4 months ago and spent hours looking at all your old posts- I totally sound like a creep huh lol!! I just found your home so refreshing and it gave me the boost I needed to start some fun projects in my home!! Thanks for inspiring me :)

  9. Oh I wish someone would come do my house:0) I love your house!! Elma elma2179@yahoo.com


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