27 April 2011

A girl and her dog.

Betsy and Chopper have had it 'going on' since she was a baby.  I can't pinpoint why they seem to be so connected.  However, their bond is evidence of the power of canines in one's well being.  I'm not suggesting our lil' schnauzer has healed her in any way, but his presence has always lifted her spirits.  

Keeping the two of them apart is almost as hard as keeping clothes on Betsy Jane.  Or keeping a ponytail in her crazy hair.  I have admitted defeat on both accounts.  Don't judge.

Do you have a special little woofer in your life?  I would love to hear about him or her.  Especially names...


  1. Awww, those are the sweetest photos....{doggies} are a girl's best friend, for sure. Forget diamonds! Precious. LOVE the one of them giving each other kisses. We have an almost 8 year old dachshund named Rascal...always great with the kids and there in my lap during my down time in front of some reality TV show at night! Must be the German breeds......

  2. We have a Manchester terrior/mutt mix named Shelby. Our 6 yr old son has Down Syndrome and is the only kid she likes. We think she was terrorized by children prior to coming to us. She runs from our daughter but she will sit and tolerate just about anything from our son.

  3. We don't have a dog but my daughter and her cat Frankenstien are inseperable

  4. we have a yellow lab (12 yrs old) named Emma. she holds my heart in her sweet paws! and we also have a 12 yr old wiemaraner named Loki. he is a 95 pound lap dog, he sweetest guy ever. my 9 yr old son loves them beyond words! thanks for sharing your sweet pictures!


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