04 February 2011

Simplicity with stainless.

Betsy is under the weather.  Again.

So, I thought I'd share a quick tidbit.

The best stainless steel cleaner, EVER, is distilled vinegar.  

Dump some in a spray bottle, dilute with a little water, and voila!

No polishing, no having to use 5 different cloths.  

Just spray and wipe off.



  1. Will this remove a hard water stain? When we moved in, there was a long hard water stain under the water dispenser. I've tried stainless steel cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, and last night I tried basking soda paste. I will try vineger now - I hear vinegar cleans almost everything.

  2. Love warm water and vinegar! We don't even have stainless and I use it everywhere. Mostly because the smell reminds me of my grandma... :)


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