05 February 2011


My 33rd birthday is approaching.  February 9th to be exact.

The best day of my mom & dad's whole life, I'm sure.  Well, maybe a tie for the best day, what with me having a sister and all.

Jake and I don't really make a big fuss over our birthdays.  Homemade cards from the kids, and a cake.  That's about it.  Somehow, it doesn't mean quite the same thing as it did when we were littles ourselves.

I thought it would be fun to put together a luxurious wish list.  The kind of list that includes items that even if I was a bazillionaire, I'm not sure I would afford myself.

Let's begin:


The elusive Hermes Cape Cod PM watch with double strap

Cutler & Gross sunglasses #0740
classic aviators

Belstaff vintage knight boot
These. Are. Incredible.

Tod's D Bag Bauletto
A classic bag that would NEVER go out of style.

image via flickr
a second home in London's Kensington & Chelsea or Camden
or any place with easy access to music, pubs, the tube, markets, etc.
approximately $500,000

I mean this is a fantasy list.  And, I would totally wear all of that stuff when I'm visiting my fancy new flat in London, right?  


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