16 November 2010

A sore subject.

Some of you may be wondering about our new house.  Heck, sometimes I wonder about it.  I wonder about it a lot, actually.

What is potentially going to be a source of great joy, and a place where many new memories and traditions will be made, is now a big rusty nail in my side.  HUGE!

My husband is a rock, and I am a sloth.  He gets everything done that he can with us being DIYers and having four little noodles it is slow going, but he is awesome.

I, on the other hand, am perpetually putting things off, because, frankly, I want to be in the new house as little as possible.  Somehow, I think by avoiding all the rehab and reno it will magically get done on it's own.

My theory is really backfiring, because through the whole scientific process, I have observed this to NOT be true.  Avoiding makes it worse.

I think because we left such a carefully loved and cared for home, it has made all of this a bit harder.

Here's what we've been dealing with over the past several weeks:
Funny how I thought the origianl 'retro' kitchen' was the pits.
If I have learned one thing during this process,
it's that to get better, it has to get worse.

As you can clearly see here.
This is the first phase of the big kitchen and surrounding areas project.
Wall removal.
It is a dirty business.

It has made a drastic change to the overall feel of the floor plan.
One I adore.
Every living space is now so open, and airy, and light filled.
But it is still rough.
Oh, so rough.
Woe is me.

Living on one layer of sub-floor has been my big sore spot.
But, a floor doesn't lay itself.
If you know of one that does, email me!

So, the problem with this is that with all the demo nothing has a place.  At night, when I do a final pick up, there is nowhere to put things away.  With 4 littles, this is the tough one, the one thing that may just push me over the fine line between sanity to craziness.

But, here's the deal...
I need perspective.  I need to quite the pity party, whine fest, and suck it up.  
It's temporary.
It will turn out great in the end.
I am one lucky chicken to be able to move into a larger home, and have the means to redo it in the first place.

I am an idiot.

An idiot living on one layer of sub-floor.

And, I'm not referring to the one in my kitchen and family room.

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