18 November 2010

First ever giveaway.

It is Christmas card season.

I know a lot of you get exhausted just thinking about it.  I, on the other hand, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards.  They are a true highlight to the season for me.  I hang them as I receive them, and they are one of the final 'decorations' to come down in January.

I've been having a bit of trouble this year deciding on one I like, but luckily, the fine folks over at Cardstore.com made it easy for me.  AND, they are going to make it really easy for you this year, too.


By offering you a very pleasant discount.  That's right, just for being a dear reader, you can receive 20% your card order.  All you need to do is enter the code: CSHOLIDAY20.  These cards are the real deal.  They're printed on 130 lb. matte recycled cardstock, and they have super swift turn around time.

Cool, huh?

And, to make your holidays even easier, they are offering one of you lovelies a set of personalized photo gift tags OR a personalized photo notebook (which would make the cutest gift under $20!).  Your choice.

My favorites:
the 'Santorini'

'Hanging Wreaths' gift tags

All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me about the BEST Christmas card you ever received or sent, AND what notebook or gift tags you would choose if you won.  Easy peasy!

I will close this little giveaway on Sunday, November 21st, at noon central time, and announce the winner on Monday.

Good luck!


  1. PINK Argyle tags!! They had me at PINK! The best card I ever sent was of my new (to me) daughter, 15 months old, just home from China for 4 months sitting on Santa's lab screaming BLOODY murder. I printed the picture out with the title "Scream with JOY, it's Christmas Time!!".

  2. SO very cute! I LOVE the blue nautical diamond photo notebook. I use notebooks all the time and would love to own this personalized one.

    The best card I ever received? SO hard to choose, but I'd have to go with the sweet card my boyfriend (now hubby!) gave me the first Christmas we were dating.

  3. I'd go with the horizontal photo. Very simple, very me.

    Best Christmas card? Hmm...none really stand out. One family always puts their Halloween picture on their Christmas card. That one always makes me smile.

  4. Oh the pink cards!!! Or maybe the notebook... Oh I do love both!!!!

    Oh girl how I love Christmas cards!!! It is my favorite part of the holidays!! I beeline it straight for the mailbox everyday to score the loot known as cards!! I love looking at all of the pictures!!!!

    My fav card was last years when we sent out our card with our daughter adopted from Taiwan and she was wearing a ruby red silk smocked dress that I had bought 3 yrs prior in anticipation of her arrival!!!

  5. How funny that this was today's post. If you check my blog today's post was about Christmas Cards. :) Best Christmas card. Back in our pre-card days My hubs and I wrote HAPPY on my head and HOLIDAYS on his head in bright red lipstick. The card was just our big faces super close up. It was cute.

  6. I definately want the notebook. I write myself lists every day!
    My favorite card was last year when we sent our birth announcement and holiday card together....

  7. I love Christmas cards! My favorite has to be one of my neighbors dogs on the dock with wreaths around their necks.

    I love the photo notebooks, the red gingham is adorable!

  8. I would take the hot pink stripes photo notebook - my little one would love it :-) As for the best card ever, it's hard to pick one. There are so many I love. I guess the one that holds the most meaning for me is the year we sent out our first Christmas card as a married couple. Our list of people to send was larger than I ever had and it was so fun to have our first card together :-)


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