20 October 2010

Hump day ear candy.

Greg Laswell.


And, no, I don't watch 'Grey's Anatomy'. Blech!  {Sorry, 'Grey's' fans} I hear his music is featured on the show frequently enough.

Beautiful lyrics.  Beautiful voice.  Beautiful songwriting.  Beautiful covers, too.  Very different than the originals.  {Check out Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".  Tres unique!}

Below are some of my favorites of his...enjoy.

Finally, please tell me you all remember Kate Bush from the 80s.  Please?  Anywho, Mr.Laswell does a phenomenal cover of her famous song "This Woman's Work".  Stunning.

My music picks may seem a bit melancholy, lately.  But, for me, I find this kind of music so awakening at this time of year.  Peaceful.  Blissful.  Fallish.  That probably doesn't make much sense.  But, work with me on this one.

I'm thinking about making one monster, wicked awesome mixed playlist that will be available to download.  It will blow any mixed tape you ever received right out of the water!  Maybe, a series of four playlists...Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.  My tastes vary widely.  Hmmmm....something to think about.


  1. thanks for the tip! i'm loving his voice!

  2. I love his music too! We actually went to the same college and I know his sister and brother-in-law :)

  3. I love all of your music. Our tastes are very similar even though our age difference is probably huge! Music keeps one young in mind and heart! I came here via Joy's Hope who raves so stinkin' much about how wonderful your blog is, that I had to come see for myself. The truth about it all is that she's pretty dead on about it. Enjoyed myself thoroughly here! Come see me sometime!
    BTW, I have multiple enormous playlists. The one on my blog is a pretty mixed up bag but everyone seems to like it too!


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