25 October 2010

Totally not important...

I wanted a print for the master bedroom that makes
a strong, bold, graphic statement.
My favorite is out of budget...
'For Like Ever' poster by Tracy Jenkins

So, enter Etsy, and the many, many, many {too many}
more affordable options I've found.
Long story short,
I can't make a decision.
Can you help?

Option #1:
'L is for Lover' by Dear Colleen

Option #2
'Fight for It' by Studio Mela

Option #3
'Love Candy' by Made by Girl

Option #4
'Me & You' by I Love It All

Can you help?


  1. i like the me and you :) maybe not in that yellow? but i like it!

  2. Laura Wheeler- OwenOctober 25, 2010 at 9:39 AM

    I love the me & you .......

  3. #2 and #4 were my favs. :) Happy Choosing!

  4. my vote is for the lover one... only because it's totally obnoxious and it fits jake. not because he's obnoxious or anything but just because he's silly.

  5. You all absolutely made my day by choosing #4, the me & you print!

    Thank you, thank you!


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