25 September 2010

I and Love and Scott?

Last night, I hit "The Pageant" to see the amazing "Avett Brothers" , comprised in part by brothers, Seth and Scott Avett.  Duh.  There is magic in their familial tie that flows out the tips of their fingers, and croons out of their mouths in perfect harmonious union. 

Their albums are fantastic, but their live show is where they really cast their spell.  The show was nothing short of amazing.  Energy oozed out of every nook and cranny.  There were children, older folk, and everything in between in the crowd.

The little boy, all of 8, who sat next to me knew every word to every song in the set.  Awesome. 

They played the songs that most people know them for; "I and Love and You", "Laundry Room", "Swept Away".  And crowd favorites... "Tin Man", "Slight Figure of Speech",  "Kick Drum Heart".  Plus a few of my favs; "Paranoia In B Flat Major" , "When I Drink", & "Talk on Indolence" {so fun live}. 

But, I have to say..."Murder in the City" brought me to tears.  I think of my own boys, and that day that I wake up and they're suddenly grown men.  So bittersweet.  I hope the bond they have now continues throughout their, God willing, long, beautiful lives chock full of all kinds of brotherly love.

I have to give a special thanks to my friend, Ursa, for introducing them to me a whole year ago.  What a band!  I am so sorry you couldn't make it up for the show!

And, just so you know, my luck meeting musicians continues {Buddy Guy, Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova}.

On our way to the car after having some late night apps, who did we see?  What?  What?  Who's that you say?  Oh, that's right, Scott Avett.  Here's the proof...

Apparently, we have the same haircut.  At least we part on different sides!

Do you need some more?

And, that my friends, is the perfect end to a perfect evening. Thank you, my Jilly-Bean, and Chelle.

Love you, girls.

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