27 August 2010

Real Estate.

This may or may not be our house in one month's time.

For I have been naughty.

I am a real estate junky.

Meaning, I am obsessed.  I love looking up local listings on the internets, and driving around neighborhoods I like.

It seems harmless enough.

UNTIL...you actually find a home that seems right.  Everything is comfortable; floor plan, square footage, yard, area, price.

Then, things get all wonky.

You go back and look at it a couple of more times, then you put your house up for sale, then you sign a contingency contract, then you get an offer on your house.

You can see what I mean.

Now, everything is crazy.  I want to be excited, but won't let myself until I know it's a done deal.  Which means, I may or may not be looking at back issues of Better Homes & Gardens and dog earring my favorite pages or thinking up furniture arrangements or choosing paint chips.

That would be foolish.


Anywho, while I persist to NOT do any of those things, and if you're just as noisy as I am, you can view our listing HERE.

So, if you'd like to join in as a I continue to pray to the Good Lord Above and St.Joseph {as any good Catholic knows is the patron Saint of moving} that all of this works out just as it should, I would be humbled beyond words.

And, that is no small feat.


  1. Sending lots of good wishes and prayers your way!! Very cute home!!!

  2. Praying, crossing fingers and hoping it works out just perfect!! welcome to the "moving club"-it seems to be the new "it" club! :)
    ADORABLE house!

  3. It's certainly no surprise that you got an offer on your darling home...the best of luck that the escrow processes collide together all at the right time ~ they will! ;-) Can't wait to see what great "Beth touches" you put on your new place. I love your blog....thank you!

  4. Dangit... Sorry we missed out. Its a great house.


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