11 August 2010


First off, I wanted to invite you to like 'Odd girl out...?' on Facebook.  You can do that here or by clicking the button in the sidebar that says, of all things, 'Odd girl out...? on Facebook'  Clever, huh?

I know many of you keep up with blogs via Facebook, and I'm hoping the new page will help you with that.   I will also be sharing links and music that I fancy, and posting photos that don't make it to the blog.

Twitter may be next.  I'm actually on Twitter, but rarely log in.  Surprisingly, I don't know if I have enough to say to be on Twitter...who am I kidding?  Really, I'm just trying to avoid another time suck!

I'm also thinking that IF I can reach 100 fans, I will host a little giveaway.  Now, isn't that special?

Secondly, that beauty up there will be arriving to my greasy mitts very shortly.  I have mixed feeling about it, but mostly they're ecstatic ones.  I will be starting my iPhone journey with a white 3GS.  I don't think I'm ready for the the iPhone 4, nor do I want to pay that kind of money for a freaking phone.

I have no doubt this will make me an Apple freak.  I think Jake will divorce me if I tell him an iMac or iPad is next.  Yikes!
Finally, I am really looking forward to Betsy's Dora fiesta for her 6th birthday.

Don't ask me how that invitation came to be.  Let's just say, I ordered some of the Dora offerings at TinyPrints {I loved how Dora didn't look like Dora per say}, combined them, and added my own text.  Then, after they were printed, I ran a straight stitch through the cardstock connecting the flags that make up the papel picado.  It actually was pretty easy, it just sounds complicated.

She carried one around for 6 days.  That makes it very much worth it and me happy.

The End.


  1. The iPhone will change your life. I know it sounds dramatic, but prepare yourself.

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  3. I second the comment above. I only have Ipod Touch and love it. Twitter will be easy on iphone. just get yourself application for it.
    Happy birthday to Betsy!

  4. Okay so I know you said that Betsy party was going to be family only, but seeing that you put the invite on your blog I will take that as we are all invited!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya, Mrs. Lewis


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