19 July 2010

Summer Bucket List.

Progress on our summer list is not going well.

We've only done a couple of things on it.

Yet, I feel like we've done tons of other stuff.

What's the point of a list then?

In the next two weeks we WILL do the following:

1. Make custom bleach t-shirts

2. Have a lemonade stand

3. Paint 'hot' rocks

4. Turn in our summer reading logs to the library

5. Make cardboard tube bracelets

6. Have an English muffin pizza buffet

Am I the only one this is happening to?

How's your summer list going?


  1. Yes, this is happening to us too... but now I have to add on the adorable bleach t-shirts too... so thanks a lot ;)

  2. That is so funny we just did bleach shirts today from Ashley Ann. Loved it, and it was sooo much fun. I just wrote a post about it tonight.


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