16 July 2010

She's done & some other stuff.

Betsy is officially done with preschool.

Her last day of summer school was yesterday.

And, boy, did she know it.

I think she gave everyone from her bus drivers to her teachers to her therapists 342.8 hugs each.

Kindergarten...well, let's just say she is ready!

Lucky for my psyche, I don't have to officially say good-bye to her teachers because I will see them all next year when I drop-off and pick-up Rosie.

Since Ro isn't in St.Louis County Special School, no bus for her.  Boo! Because, she would totally love it.

But, the good news is she will be in a classroom with typical AND special kids.  I think it is such a good learning opportunity for both groups of kids.

Wow, I am really deflecting from the fact that Betsy is going to kindergarten!  Totally and utterly done with the safe haven that is preschool.  Maybe because my feelings about all that are so complex.  Much more than with the boys.  Can you imagine?  Is that even possible?

Avoidance is the only way I can deal right now.

I normally don't avoid, but I've found with Betsy, it's best to deal with things as they come.  One step, one day at a time.  And, let's just say it took me a long time to get here.  So, for now, that's the best coping mechanism I can manage.  Take care of what needs to be taken care off, and quit worrying about the rest for needless amounts of time.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, I will see these lovelies tonight...{maybe more of the cousins, too}

which is always a good thing, and a fabulous distraction.

We are going to stuff our faces with dumplings and plantains from here.
Then, on Saturday morning, we're gonna kick back and enjoy a show...

Not to mention, birthday parties, baseball parties, some house projects.  Ahhhhhhhhh!

Yea, summer!  Busy, busy. {I know I'm not alone in this.}

Special times.  Good times.

Have a super-duper weekend, even if it's crazy busy!


  1. i love your new blog design...seriously, i could eat it. :)

  2. ooooh! have fun this weekend! sounds like a wonderful way to "avoid" the growing pains!


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