11 May 2010

the motherhood plight.

The stomach bug is certainly making the rounds in House of Grebe.  To all you moms, this is not a new experience to any of you, but one that is worth every ounce of self-pity I wish to give myself.  I don't begrudge any mother self-pity during the pukes.

Every time it hits here, I always imagine my Grandma Mary Nell having to deal with 8 children and the tummy virus.  I am immediately humbled.  Top 8 kids with the fact that my Grandpa was a fireman, and was often gone for several days at a time, so, if she got sick, too...well, I'm sure you're picking up what I'm putting down.

She was quite a lady.

Made of tough stuff.

Four kiddos is a breeze.

A walk in the park.

Things I have to remind myself during these times.

Until it has passed {which I hope is in the next 24-48 hours}, I will be laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, in between disinfecting the house top to bottom, holding back hair, cuddling, cleaning up kids, puke buckets, sheets, and more cuddles.

And, please enjoy a clip from the movie we've been watching on heavy rotation during our time of quarantine:
{I chose quite an appropriate one, if I do say so myself.}

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  1. What a sad picture Beth!! :( Nothing worse then puke. I'll take any other bodily fluid over puke. Yuck! Get better quick to all of you:)


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