12 May 2010

Hair today...

Good news, here.
Ohdeedoh featured Miss Rosie Kathleen's 3rd birthday party.
You can check it out right HERE.

Also, as some of you noticed...
my hair is gone.
I can't believe how much of it I had.

It filled half of a 'Chipotle' take-out bag.
{Don't you love my 'size' reference?}
I'm not gonna lie...seeing hair like that kinda grosses me out.

to recap,
I went from this:

To this:

Oh, wait...that's not me!
That's the sweet & fab, French actress extraordinaire, Audrey Tautou.
Silly me.
Well, I look nothing like that pretty little pixie,
but I can tell you that my hair does.
I, really, just don't feel like trying to take a close-up picture
of myself at this time.
Maybe, I'll have Rosie do it {wink, wink},
or Big Jake could do it when he gets home from work.
You'll just have to wait and see.
Peace out, pop-tarts.

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  1. Congrats on Rosie's party being featured.
    Can't wait to see the new do !!


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