05 April 2010

The difference a year makes.

Easter 2009

Easter 2010

Time is not a mother's friend.
There is never enough of it in a day.
Obviously, for mundane duties: laundry, cooking, cleaning.
But, the good stuff, too: cuddling, playing, running, laughing.
Don't get me started on the speed at which it travels.
It slips away too quickly.
One day, your first born 7 lb. 12 oz. bundle
is a shoe size away from MEN'S shoes and talks about girls with his friends (whaaat?).
The second born who came screeching into the world at 8 lbs. 6 oz.,
and who was a late walker is being asked to be in the gifted program (amazing).
Numero 3, our first little girl weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz.,
is off to kindergarten in the fall and sets the table at dinner (never thought we'd see the day).
And the youngest bundle who was placed in my arms at 8 lbs. 1 oz.,
is as tall as kids in kindergarten and says words like 'appreciate', 'ridiculous', and 'ferocious'
(oh, the mouth on that one).

Every mother thinks their kids are the best, the greatest, the end all be all.
I am certainly no exception.
But, this Easter, I was struck with just how special they each are.
How quickly they're growing and becoming so independant.
Such indiviuals, so unique.
Like it happened overnight or something.
These little people just begging to be loved, and nurtured, and praised, and disciplined.
Tiny humans that Jake and I made and placed where there was no one before.
A choice we made for them without their input,
and now left needing an example of how to live laid before their feet.
Good, strong, positive role models.
Ones who practice what they preach.
Early to rise, early to bed.
3 squares a day, a clean, happy home.
After all, it's the least we can do.

When they have that, they will teach it and give it to their children.
The cycle will continue.
Parents who love & respect their 'teeny' spirits.
                                                Parents who love & respect one another.
                                                   Parents who love & respect others.
Parents who may make mistakes, but learn from them and get it right the next time.
Parents who aren't selfish.
Who don't just look out for '#1' but notice what others might be needing.
Not texting at the park while their kids play,
but playing right along with them.
Not dragging them to the gym daily to sneak in a workout,
but taking a walk with them or
waking up before they do to get their exercise on.
Not reading a magazine while they color,
but coloring beside them.
Not telling them, "Not right now, I'm folding laundry.",
but getting off your tail and seeing what it is they want/need.
(I am so guilty of that one. Yikes!)

I know it's not always realistic.
But, it's definitely doable.
Actually, more often than not it's doable.
We only get one chance at this.

They need us more than they'll ever be able to tell us.

Oh, and...
Happy Birthday, Mummy!
You are one silly, adventurous lady of 56 years young.
I love you!


  1. love the pics of the kiddos. it's kind of ironic that they ended up in the exact order this year. but, my favorite pic has to be of mom! what a ding dong!

  2. Great photos! Parenthood definitely isn't a job for the selfish, is it?

  3. My first visit here. Love your blog - pretty and engagingly written. I was loving all the mother stuff, but hit for me was that your Mom is just one year older than me. (I still have one at home. Yea, we started late.)

    LOVE the photos of your children's feet (and I am no kind of -phile). Your children are beautiful. Barbara


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