08 April 2010

Easter Photo Essay

Can you see the 80+ eggs we hid?
What's that you said?
That's because we are that good!

these kids are better!
They found them all in approximately 11.67 minutes.

they got to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

this one is for you.
Especially, for you.

While all the other kiddos were riding or scooting...
Uncle Brent took Bets for a ride.
A highly assisted and supervised ride.
Thanks, Uncle Brent.

Did I ever tell you my folks are Senior BMX champs?
Well, that's because they aren't.
But, they look like they are.
Don't they?
They have mad skillz.

There were pretty cookies.
And, then...
there were crabby kids.

This about sums up the final hour or so we were at my Ma & Pop's.
Yes, that's a corn cob.
{She held it & gnawed on it all afternoon.}
And, yes, she is throwing a

Time to go!

Hope you all had an equally enjoyable Easter!

Sadly, I forgot my camera when we went to Jake's parents' house
for brunch after church.
But, we had a great time there, too.
I highly recommend Miss Paula Deen's Baked French Toast
with praline topping.
I {heart} butter.

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