10 March 2010

Yadda, Yadda.

Spray painting madness.
I've decided the frames that we're hanging
along the basement staircase needed
lightening up.
A fresh coat of glossy white paint oughta do it.
I have some other 'surprise' projects being painted, too.

This is a favorite spot of mine in our home.
It's a strip of happiness in the hallway
dedicated to the kids artwork.
It, too, needs an update.
Yummy new fabric.
 I'm liking this one from here.

Next, is the BIG clock.
I {heart} my BIG clock.
But, when I saw this...
from here (photo),
well, I knew what needed to be done.
More fabric, more spray paint.
Oh, and Tammy is my real life friend,
so you should show her some love.

I've been dying to get my sew back on.
I'll be starting with something for myself.
The project is this skirt...
from here (photo and tutorial).
it has pockets!
That's right!

some bed sheet curtains,
and lots of applique for the kids.
All are in my sewing future.
I'm going to try a new twist on the boys 'neck tie shirt'.
Just in time for their new Easter duds.
It'll be tough,
but they'll be even cuter than last year.

Oh, and how could I forget baking.
Toffee Crack...
from here (photo and recipe).
There will be lots of that in my life
in the weeks to come.
I don't think it's included in the P90X program,
but if you're not flexible in life
you're setting yourself up for failure.

Check out my handy-work (the cake and cake balls) here.


  1. SUCH fun ideas to start your spring.. and MAN I LOVE your color stripes in your WALL.. WOW I can not wait to give that a try.. BEST idea I've seen in FOREVER... and the photos were just to die for.. LOVED LOVED it...

  2. You are too good to me. And of course I love all of your projects. I can't wait to see the kids Easter attire.

  3. Toffee crack.
    Will make you need to do the horrendous torture that is P90x.
    Or just say, why bother and make another batch.
    Evil I say, as I slink off to the kitchen to make some....


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