11 March 2010

Short term leave.

German countryside

Early yesterday morning, Jake's paternal grandfather passed away.

Ottmar lived a long, full life, and although he will be missed, his soul is in a place he has long since awaited.

What more could one ask for out of a life?

Family will be coming in from Texas and Kansas City for this bleak occasion,
but we always manage to laugh until our bellies ache from memories when we're together.

In death, there is life...
a new addition that we haven't yet met, another we've only met once. 

A legacy that will live on.

9 members of his 4th generation, and counting, I'm sure.

Rest in peace, Ottmar.

See you all on Monday..

P.S. Some of you have inquired about my test on Saturday (thank you, by the way)...I'm happy to report the results came back great!  Now, I get to go 5 years in between procedures instead of only 2.  Hooray!


  1. What precious words and such a great perspective. I know he's dancing around knowing that you wrote that.. Sorry for your loss, but thank you for the reminder of what really matters.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. Funerals are such a bittersweet time, I think. It is so nice to be with all the family, but you wish it were for a different reason! Hope everything goes well! {{HUGS}}


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