16 February 2010

check, check, and check.

Do you prepare for parties in more ways than ordering/baking the cake,
filling the favor bags,
and planning the games?

For this household,
it's a time to
cross things off the never-ending 'to do' list.

This party presented the challenges of all
the little things that weren't completed during the
basement redo and bedroom moves.

It's been crazy, but it will be so nice to be DONE come next Saturday.

1. get new vents for Ro's room and basement
2. run electric to Rosie's sconce
3.  cover rope & hardware on Betsy's swing in her room
4. paint lil' dresser for Betsy's room
5. put new hardware on Betsy's armoire
6. install mirror on Betsy's armoire
7. make/hang floating shelf in Bets's room
8. finish painting basement staircase walls
9. install new steps & risers on basement stair case*in progress*
10. paint & hang ballet mirror with barre for girls in basement
11. paint basement dining table base
12. get dining chairs from Target
13. finish basement baseboards
14. install frosted lucite in boys' bedroom door
15. touch up all woodwork
16. frame & hang this print and this print
17. make pretty fabric filled embroidery hoops to hang in play area in basement
18. hang 'cage' chandelier above basement dining table

Yeah, I think that's it.
It seems like a lot, but we are really hammering it out.
We are quite the team.

I think I have parties just to get stuff done.

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  1. gosh, i think those chairs you have picked are gorgeous! i might have seen them somewhere else in blue.


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