22 December 2009

the long and short of it.

Much to my dismay...

Betsy may have to be medicated for 'self-injurious' behaviors. 

That, and NOT sleeping.

Who would've thought my child that used to sleep 14-16 hours a day, would not sleep at night?!?!

The neurologist tells us that we need to calm her central nervous system. 

That, or get her adenoids & tonsils removed.

What?  Wha-WHAT?!?!

I have to trust that there is a method to such medical madness.

In other news...

just when I can't take the 'awkward' stage of growing out my hair...

I stumble upon a picture of me taken in July (the one on the left).

For those of you that are too lazy to count, that's a mere 6 months ago.

I compared it to photos taken of me in the last handful of weeks (middle & right)  and got a new a vote of confidence.

I may get to cross another thing off of the list, yet.

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