13 November 2009

Bloggy friends are radical.

Crystal over at 'Little Bit Funky' is offering another incentive to vote for Ro's room in 'Ohdeedoh's Small Kids, Big Color' contest.  She will give you an EXTRA entry in her giveaway, here, if you go here and follow her instuctions.  Neat.  Cool.  Really, REALLY nice of her. 

Oh, and check out Miss Crystal's etsy shop, here.
It is chock full of handmade delights that would make
perfect Christmas gifts.
My lil' block nativity set was crafted by her talented hands,
as well as, one of my favorite summer skirts.

Also, the mommy blogging communtiy is coming together to help ensure that mommy's everywhere have clean water for their children.  Such a simple thing.  Water.  For $10, (yes, you heard right)  a child in Africa can have clean drinking water for 10 years. 
Again, you heard right...10 years.  Such a small price to pay for such a gift.  100% goes directly to finding clean water solutions in West Africa.  100%.  Now, doesn't that make 100% sense? 
So, don't just sit there...go here, and learn more & donate!
Go now, and help prevent 4500 infant and child deaths due to unsanitary water conditions.  Did I mention it only takes $10 for 10 years of CLEAN drinking water for a kiddo?  $10?!?!  What is that last thing you spent $10 on?  Probably something kinda dumb...

But, I'm just sayin'.


As of Saturday morning @ 8:35am CST, Rosie's room currently had 101 votes.  I am overwhelmed to say the least.  Thank you everyone.  If you or someone you know hasn't voted, please do so today, right here.  I believe you have until 4:30pm PST, and then 'thumbs up' voting closes for her particular room.  Thank you again. everyone.  Keep your fingers crossed Ro's yellow room makes it to the semi-finals.  You guys are so awesome!

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  1. I voted! I'm from Crystal's blog! =)
    P.S. That room is amazing. Will you come decorate my totally lame rooms!? =)


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