08 September 2009

What I was supposed to wear.

Saturday night was supposed to be a date night for Jake and I. We were invited to a wedding of an old high-school friend. We were going to dance, and eat, and be merry.

I was so proud of myself for putting together the ensemble that I did for this occasion. I found the dress at Target on the super-duper clearance rack. It was $6.86, or some other strange Target clearance amount, but under $7 nonetheless. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some floofy, flowery trim. And, voila! A pretty little dancin' dress. I saw the tights on nie, and went to Target and snatched them up. I had my eye on some sweet grey suede pumps, also from Target, which would have set the grand total for the costume to $42.00.


But, then...

Rosie went and got her cute, little butt sick. Jake went to the wedding by his lonesome, Pete went off to Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa's Jeff's, Jake went off to Grandma Ro-Ro's and Grandpa Sarge's, and I sat at home with the girls and we watched 'Annie'. It was, really, a peaceful night. It got me thinking about the plight of a mother. I was all set to dance the night away with my strapping husband, but instead, found myself at home nursing a pathetic, helpless critter back into good health. Right where I was intended to be.

Bittersweet, and I love it!

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Bye for now!


  1. LOVE the outfit...tights,trim and all!!
    maybe a special dinner when everyone feels better?
    Hope Rosie is feeling better!
    Blessings! and wishes for speedy recovery!

  2. I seriously LOVE that whole ensemble, but esp the tights! Woot woot!

    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I am getting back in the swing of things at the kidz blog. I'm also going to try something new called 'kidz krew' and I would love if you wanted to participate. Head to kidz to find out about it and let me know if you're interested! Thanks girl!


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