21 September 2009

up close & personal.

I never thought I would use a zoom lens. So, I really didn't want one. But, my husband looked at me, and said one thing..., "Sports!". Well, alrighty then. We got one, and in the beginning, I was NOT using it out of sheer stubbornness. Shocking, I know! Anywho, I'm thinkin' he was right. (Ooooo, that just plain hurts, every time!) It freezes moments and expressions that would otherwise go uncaptured with my other lens. With football season in full swing, it is priceless to have. The boys think they are REAL sports stars when they see these photos. Like the "football players in the paper". Nice. Now, if I could only muster up enough dough to get a portrait lens. Ahhhhhhh!

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