30 August 2009

The demo has begun.

The chair (above) is my first, official basement project. It isn't quite done, yet, but, I love how it's turning out. Jake's Great-Grandmother needle pointed the old upholstery, so, I am framing it for Rosie's new room. And, someday, I will probably use it to recover the chair. Although, it is pretty rotted in some spots. I don't know... I am sure I will think of something. For now, I think the chair is instantly updated, and really cheerful. I love taking something old, and adding the unexpected to it. It makes you see an old chair in a whole new way.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I can't wait to see it all done!! I hope it all goes well:)

  2. ooooh, I LOOOve the chair!
    that is a very ambitious project. I am jealous and I can't wait to see the final room!
    Chrissie Grace


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