23 June 2009

Who says life comes with an easy button?

Jon & Kate...

need I say more?

I won't nitpick every detail about them, but it does make me think about a lot of things.

We are in a bad place as a society. I know this is a judgement call, but I think most of you will agree.

It seems that none of us can be bothered these days. It seems that our default is to take the easy way out. Not just with marriage, but most things. If we want something, but don't have the money, we charge it. If we decide we don't like our spouse, we file for divorce. If we think our kids are having trouble in school, we blame the teachers. If our children show the smallest of behavior problems, we drug them. If we feel the teeniest bit stressed, we run out and get a prescription. And, if it doesn't work, it's the pill's or the doctor's fault. So many people these days seem to turn to drugs and alcohol. Addictions seem out of control, divorce and bankruptcy seem to have skyrocketed. I am forced to ask myself, what do we think IS worth fighting for?

We are all guilty of taking the shortest route from point A to point B. It may be small things that seem inconsequential, but, I think, if done enough, it becomes a pattern in all areas of our lives.

We also seem to be a very deserving culture. We deserve to 'get away'. We deserve exotic vacations yearly. We deserve a day at the spa. We deserve a new designer bag, or pair of jeans. We deserve to walk away and start a 'new chapter' of our lives. Says who? What ever happened to good, old fashioned humility. The idea that we are deserving of nothing, other than what is given to us through hard work and the grace of God. My grandparents had 8 kids on a fireman's salary. They were happy to be able to feed their children good meals, and be able to send them to Catholic schools. There weren't vacations, or music lessons, or fancy toys, or Happy Meals for everyone, or credit cards, or new clothes at every turn. They worked for what they had, and they were happy. My mom, and all of her siblings grew up to be fine adults with good hearts.

What's worse is we are all more interested in the state of the Gosselin's relationship and their parenting skells, than our own. (I know, I know, I'm writing a whole post about this, aren't I? But, you know what I'm getting at.) How about worrying about OUR spouse, OUR kids, OUR parenting? Or, major current events that matter; Iran, train crashes, North Korea?

But, hey, I'm just sayin'.

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