21 June 2009


That's my dad. He is awesome. For lots of reasons. One of my favorites is because he knows when to shut his mouth. The thing with my dad is, you know what he's thinking, what his opinion is, what he would like you to do, but he doesn't drill it at you every chance he gets. I am an adult, who has a mortgage, and a husband, and kids, and pets, all of which I take care of without his assistance. He recognizes that, and lets me make my own decisions, mistake or not. Often times, you can't even read if he's disappointed in what you decided. He just lets it ride. This is nice.

Growing up, he was always a present father. He went on the occasional field trip, all of the volleyball & softball games, was always eager to help with history projects. He was also a concerned father. "Who will you be with, when will you get there, what parents will be there?". He also showed his concern by being the one to ground you when you broke the rules. One time, I took my car out before I got my license, and when I opened up the garage door to sneak it back, he was standing in the middle of the garage (true story). DANG IT! Looking back on it, it's all of that kind of stuff that shows me how much he cares.

He is also strong, and brave, a true patriot. He's even pretty cute. He has given my sister and me a phenomenal example of what a husband should be. Self-sacrificing, willing to compromise, respectful, loving, not afraid to stand their ground if need be. He told us what to seek out in a partner without saying a word on the subject. Leading by example...my dad is really good at this. Sure, he has a short wick and a low tolerance for ignorance in almost any form, but he is good, he is true, he is mine.

I have never doubted my father's love for me. He doesn't say it often, but I really don't need to hear it because I know.

So... I'm thinkin', he must be doing something right.

Love you, Dad!

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